It is interesting to see that many of the peers created their own videos to make their blog post interesting. Therefore, I have also created for this reflection post.

Many of the peers support open access as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. However, there are also a number of the peers who disagree that content producers should provide their work online for free.

Yanyi mentioned that by having open access, the author’s reputation might be ruin due to the negative comments and reviews on the article. However, I find it rather debatable. You can read my comment here.

Sylvia attempted the topic in two different standing points — the student’s point of view, as well as the content producer’s point of view. She believes that it is better for the content producers to build pay-wall so that they are able to pay their bills. One of the videos in her post made me think that maybe we should pay content producers for their effort. Here is my comment.

Both of them have also commented on my post. The questions that Yanyi asked were regarding the reliability of the information available in open access website. How do we know if the website is reliable?

For that question, I have did some research and created a video on it. So now, here is my video.

To have more in-depth information, you can visit this website.

Sylvia threw me a question regarding the chart in my previous post. She was confused that why consumers are more willing to pay for entertainment than paying to gain general knowledge and understanding what is happening in the world. You can take a look at my reply to her question here.

After all, I believe that it all depends on the purpose of the author. If their main intention is to gain recognition, or sense of achievement, they would not mind to pay to receive the contentment of the audience in return.


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