This module has come to an end. I am amazed that this module has changed my view towards the digital life, within just twelve days.

I always thought that social media is just a place to stay connected with friends. Never would I expect that social media can have a great impact on our lives.

From the examples that I have read from previous topic, such as the #hasjustinelandedyet as well as Amy Cheong’s story, I came to realise that one mistake in social media could affect greatly on one’s reputation. It is true that there is no privacy in the internet. Even if you set it as a private account, it is still not totally secure.

Besides, it is important to create an authentic online professional profile. You can brand yourself the way you want others to see. This again put me into making a decision that I should filter my social media profiles, into a consistent profile that I would like others to see. No more nonsense.

In this module, I have learnt how to make full use of social media. Instead of just using it for social purposes, I am able to use it to widen my career network, as well as increasing my career opportunities.

I have realised the importance of having a LinkedIn account, and have created one during this module. LinkedIn is able to provide me the lists of suitable job vacancies that fit my interests and experiences. It also allows me to connect to people with the similar skills or experiences.

However, it is not easy to polish the LinkedIn profile in just a short period of time. In order to establish my profile, I have join groups such as ‘Fashion Meets Technology’, as well as ‘Effective Social Media Marketing’.

Screenshot 2014-12-17 14.09.25 Screenshot 2014-12-17 14.08.55

[Images screenshot from LinkedIn’s group pages.]

These groups provide up-to-date information and tips for marketers and entrepreneurs on how to effectively market our profiles and our businesses. I believe that understanding these tips will put me at an advantage in pursuing my career path.

Let me summarise what I have just said in this short video.

Comparing to my previous audit post, I have definitely improve quite a lot. I have learnt how to create online materials to make my work more interesting.

Moreover, through the researches that I have done in the last topic, I understood how to access and evaluate the online information. I am able to determine which online information is reliable and which is not. This is able to assist me in finding reliable sources to support my assignments for the future modules.

From having to comment on other blogs in this module, it made me understand that it is good to see the different point of view from others and get to know where they are standing. Now that I have joined groups in my LinkedIn profiles, I will aim to join in their online discussion at least once every month. Therefore, this would enable me to connect with more people and understand the different viewpoints, which will in turn build my knowledge on those topics.

All in all, this module has changed me into someone who is able to fully utilise the internet, instead of using it just for social.

Click on the image for the links to my profiles.

facebook-logo  twitter_logo Linkedinwordpress_logo



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