Most of the peers have mentioned about the benefits of having a social media account such as LinkedIn to assist them in the career path. This explains how essential social media are in this 21st century.

Many of them have also come up with certain key points that I did not manage to point out in my post. Therefore, it helps to add on to my knowledge on this topic.

In Yu Ting’s post, she pointed out that it is crucial for us to know how we want to brand ourselves. Truly, personal branding is very important. “Your personal brand is all about who you are and what you want to be known for.” (Forbeswoman, 2012) Therefore, you need to know what you are capable of doing before knowing where you stand.

Besides, she brought up the fact that we can actually link our social media profiles together to showcase more skills or talent. However, it questioned me if we should keep our other social media profiles professional too. You can read my comment here.

Yvonne’s mentioned that we should remove any inappropriate materials from our profiles to keep it professional. However, are we really able to remove them from the digital world?

 Yu Ting’s comment got me thinking. What happens if someone lied in the resume but got through with it, and after years of hard work, the lie is exposed? Will that person be given a second chance? In addition, how does someone make its resume attractive without having any job experiences?

After much research, I realised that lying can really affect a person’s credibility even if that person does put in effort at work (Ann, R. 2013). As for people who have no experiences, there are actually many ways for them to create their own experiences to make their resume attractive (Dachis, A., 2011).

There are always consequences to face for lying. NEVER EVER LIE.


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