It is interesting to read how other peers are tackling towards this question and their point of view. After reading through a number of my peers’ posts, it helps to broaden my mind in seeing things in a different angle.

I liked the fact that Xiu Zhen included the infographic video in her post to explain how social media would affect job recruitment. Besides, she mentioned that she prefer to have separate identities so as to balance out her work and social life, which is completely opposite to my standing point in showing my true self in just one identity. It is true that employers would reject candidates due to their social media profile. However, there are also employers who hire people due to their social media profile (Grasz, J., 2014). Therefore, it really depends on how a person portrays itself online.

Evan has introduced me this article in his comment where he came across Tor’s post, stating that Mark Zuckerberg has a change of mind about having multiple identities, which is quite interesting. I do agree with what he said. However, I still stand firm to my point that we should just stick with one identity.

[Video embedded from Lisa Harris, #Hangout 6 for Living and Working on the Web]

This video further supports my viewpoint where Dr. Chirstina Costa brought up the fact that we play different roles in different part of our lives, however, those are still part of us. Furthermore, nothing is private these days.

Ian mentioned in his post that “In the world we live in, there are consequences for the things we do be it wrong or right.” I agree. We should all face what we have done in life and move forward. Always stay true to yourself.


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